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Harmonic Innerprizes LifeSource SuperSprouts Powder 7 Oz

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Manufacturer: Harmonic Innerprizes
Manufacturer Part No: 640627070279

LifeSource SuperSprouts
Contains Only the Finest Ingredients:

LifeSource SuperSprouts is a State-of-the-Art SuperFood dietary supplement. It was created to please the most ardent disciples of SuperFood benefits and the connoisseurs of right livelihood. It provides a blend of Organic Sprouts that include; Amaranth, Spelt, Broccoli, and Millet in a SuperFood base of soft cell Chlorella, Organic Spirulina, Wildcrafted Hydrilla, Organic Barley Juice Concentrate 40:1, Phasophyta green kelp, Rhodophyta Red kelp, Monatomic mineral complex, and Stevia.

What is a SuperFood?

SuperFood describes a food that is naturally concentrated to provide all the nutritional elements necessary for optimal health.* Many of these foods are found in the first link of the food chain, i.e., the plankton which is made purely from sunlight and water, and grasses which are made from soil and sunlight. Since they are so nutrient dense, very little is required to achieve significant nutritional benefit. LifeSource SuperSprouts is a health and wellness product.*

These SuperFoods also contain phytochemicals that scientists believe protecs the body and promotes cellular wellness. The planktons, Spirulina and Chlorella are rich in pigments that science has identified as having powerful antioxidant properties. These pigments include chlorophyll, beta-carotene, phycocyanin and allophycocyanin. Chlorella has a fascinating ingredient called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) which consists primarily of nucleic acids. These nucleic acids appear to enhance RNA/DNA functions responsible for the production of proteins, enzymes and energy fuels at the cellular level. RNA/DNA production diminishes with age. As a result, many anti-aging researchers recommend a diet rich in nucleic acids.*

The organic sprout complex consists of Amaranth, Spelt, Broccoli, and Millet . Our sprouts are freeze dried so that their temperature sensitive constituents are maintained to the highest possible degree. They also provide easily assimilated organic minerals. Broccoli Sprouts are the richest source of sulphoraphane, a natural chemical researched at John Hopkins University for its ability to promote normal cellular functions. Three day old broccoli sprouts consistently contain 20 to 50 times the protective compounds as found in mature broccoli, and may offer a simple dietary means of reducing health risks.- Paul Talalay, MD., JJ Abel Distinguished Service Professor, John Hopkins University .

Hydrilla is a fresh water seaweed and is highly concentrated in calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc, copper, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, vitamin C and vitamin E. Like the planktons, Hydrilla has an abundant source of beta-carotene and chlorophyll. Beta-carotene and Chlorophyll both act as potent detoxifiers and antioxidants in the body. Chlorophyll has a molecular structure very similar to the molecular structure of the human red blood cell, and it is known to be an excellent natural blood builder.

Barley Juice Concentrate is of the highest quality. It is an approximate 40:1 concentration and is processed under low heat without any carrier. It has the highest source of chlorophyll of any barley grass we have ever assayed. Barley grass is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, beta carotene, B1, B2, B6, C, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. Green barley juice contains 11 times the calcium in cows' milk, nearly 5 times the iron in spinach, 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, and 80 mg of vitamin B12 per hundred grams. Barley also contains a -glucan, a fiber reported to help the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels.*


All ingredients for LifeSource SuperSprouts were selected by means of evaluating the vital subtle energy fields that emanate from all biological life. Sophisticated electromagnetic sensing devices measure the life force potential. From analyzing over 175 different ingredients, only nine were selected for the final formula. The goal was to provide the highest source of vital energy foodstuff.

All living forms are subjugated to certain Laws of the Universe, and one of those laws is the law of attraction and repulsion. We experience this as humans when we encounter some one who we do not personally know, but yet we have an immediate gut reaction- on whether we would like this person or not. Ingredients, whether organic or inorganic have the same reaction when they come in contact with each other. They simply like each other or they don't. This shows up very clearly when observing the energy fields as they are mixed together.

While there were 20 ingredients out of the 175 originally tested that had superior vital energy output, only 9 of those twenty were able to be blended together and produce higher vital energy output then they were able to produce independently. This process gives the word synergy- a whole new meaning.

Below are two Kirlian photos showing the energy that emanates from LifeSource SuperSprouts and another popular SuperFood product. Through meticulous selection of high energy ingredients along with precision combining of those ingredients, LifeSource SuperSprouts provides over 34% vital energy than most other SuperFood products.


LifeSource at 121 MHz

LifeSource at 121 MHz

A Leading Superfood Product at 82 MHz

A Leading Superfood Product at 82 MHz

WHY. . . .

High energy foods increase our own subtle energy fields . Over 27 years of research by Dr. Valerie Hunt at UCLA associates bio-electric energy fields with greater intelligence, mature emotional balance with less stress, increased learning ability, and overall heighten states of health. Research indicates that foods with an override frequency of 72MHz or greater increase the body's bio-electric energy potential. Foods below 72MHz deplete the body's vital energy potential.

Additional information on Dr. Hunt's research can be found at Bioenergyfields.

LifeSource Energy Comparison of Foods

Refined & Processed Foods 10 - 30MHz

Whole Foods & Fresh Vegetables 40MHz - 70MHz

Organic Produce 50MHz - 80MHz

72MHz - 96MHz


LifeSource 121MHz

More Detailed Ingredient Information . . .

Organic Amaranth: Was the principle grain of the Aztec Indians of South America 5,000 to 7,000 years ago. Called the "golden grain of the Gods" it was the primary foods used to nourish infants and to provide energy and strength to soldiers on extended trips. Today, nutritionists often use it in combination with other grains to boost the protein value because of its high lysine content, an amino acid usually missing from other grains.

Organic Spelt: One of the purest and oldest cultivated grains on the planet. Unlike other grains that have been genetically altered to make growing and harvesting easier and more abundant, spelt has been left completely unadulterated. Spelt is considered to be one of the most nourishing of all grains, containing greater amounts of fiber, protein and B-vitamins than any other commercially available grain.

Organic Broccoli: Eat your broccoli! Broccoli has received more research than probably any other vegetable because of its health and wellness properties. Broccoli sprouts contain 20 to 50 times more of the identified protective compounds than mature broccoli heads. Sulforaphane, the most researched of all broccolis' chemical constituents, helps the body's natural defenses and reduces the risk of developing unhealthy conditions as we age, according to John Hopkins University researcher, Paul Talalay, MD.

Organic Millet: Is one of the oldest foods known to humans dating back to 2,700 BC. Besides its broad International appeal, it is the staple of the Hunza diet. The Hunzas live in a remote section of the Himalayan foothills and are well known for their excellent health and longevity. Millet is high in fiber, the B-Complex, lecithin, vitamin E, iron, magnesium phosphorous and potassium.

Organic Barley Grass 40:1 juice concentrate Barley grass is also well known for it's high concentration of chlorophyll, along with calcium, B-vitamins, minerals, as well as protein, enzymes and good natural fiber. Studies indicate that barley grass may promote heatlhy DNA.

Stevia Stevia rebaudiana is a shrub indigenous to Brazil . It has been used for years as a natural flavor enhancer by many cultures. Stevia has been the subject of numerous international studies. Many of these studies show that Stevia helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and promotes healthy teeth.*

Wildcrafted and Organic Micro-Algae LifeSource is a blend of the purest, least processed, low temperature dried chlorella and spirulina available. These phytoplankton provide easily digestible protein, which provides all the essential amino acids for optimal metabolism*, providing the body with energy and the fuels to support the normal daily processes of growing and rebuilding tissue. Nutritionists often claim these micro algae as the perfect food, made from pure water and sunlight. They are abundant in metabolic pigments such as; chlorophyll, phycocyanidin, and carotenoids, including both alpha and beta carotene which provide 22% of the DV of vitamin A in theLifesource SuperSprout powder and 9% in the capsule version per serving. Chlorophyll nourishes the blood, thereby helps the body to strengthen immune function.

The Spirulina in LifeSource is organically grown. We use a soft cell variety of Chlorella (regularis) so it is unprocessed, leaving the whole cell undamaged. This maintains chlorella's capacity as a chelation agent in removing heavy metals from the body. Most producers of chlorella break the cell wall to improve absorption, but they sacrifice chlorella's real gift to health and that is the removal of heavy metals. Harmonic Innerprizes believes that this is another example of man thinking he has a better idea than what nature has provided.

Wildcrafted Hydrilla A fresh water algae organically grown in mineral rich pristine waters. Its root structure goes deep into virgin subterranean soil to provide an abundance of all known trace minerals including 4 times the amount of calcium than is found in milk. Contains the phytochemical antioxidants; carotenoids, chlorophyll, selenium, vitamin E, and weight to weight, 6 times more vitamin C than contained in a orange. Rich in GLA (gamma linolenic acid).

Kelp Two rare families of kelp are present in LifeSource. They provide a rich source of vital organic trace minerals and yet are very low in minerals that are normally problematic with kelp, namely iodine and sodium. Phasophyta green kelp provides the complete spectrum of mineral elements and chlorophyll. Rhodophyta red kelp is rich in beta-carotene and rare trace minerals such as gold, rhodium and iridium. Vital elements for optimal DNA function.

Monatomic Mineral Complex has been especially formulated to enhance and maintain the vital energy inherent in the product.

Taste Great. . .

Yes, its amazing! Fantastico! Even foods that are not know for their good taste, such as algae, seaweed and grass, when properly balanced and tuned harmonically, taste great. Great addition to any smoothie. Best juices: Apple and Carrot. Even palatable in plain water.

Who Benefits From LifeSource SuperSprouts?

Life is about choice . LifeSource SuperSprouts is the choice for all health conscious people who choose to improve their lives and performance through high quality nutrition and appropriate exercise. All people will benefit from LifeSource, young and old alike.* LifeSource can increase energy levels, improve mental clarity and alertness. It provides increased stamina and focus in rugged competition. In general, it provides the way to higher experiences of health.* LifeSource is simply the best SuperFood product available anywhere. It is 100% guaranteed to your personal satisfaction. Enjoy, live long, and be love, light & laughter!

Caution: The spelt in LifeSource SuperSprouts contains gluten. People sensitive to gluten should avoid consuming LifeSource SuperSprouts or at least use extreme caution. LifeSource SuperSprouts contains a total of <.5ppm which classifies LifeSource SuperSprouts as gluten restricted, not gluten-free.

DISCLAIMER: In an attempt to describe the nutrient integrity and features of the ingredients used in LifeSource SuperSprouts, terms like "rich", "concentrated", and "abundant" are used. These terms accurately describe the nutrient density of each ingredient. However, FDA regulations state that these terms imply 20% of the DV is achieved and the product is therefore a meal replacement. LifeSource SuperSprouts is NOT intended to be a meal repalcement. Even with the nutrient density of the ingredients provided, a considerable higher consumption beyond the recommended 2 grams per serving of the powder and the recommended 6 capsules (2.4 grams) to meet the FDA's 20% DV requirement.

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