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Harmonic Innerprizes Colloidal Gold 2 Oz

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Manufacturer: Harmonic Innerprizes
Manufacturer Part No: 640627091120

Colloidal Gold

While gold is the most sought after element, many of its medicinal properties are buried in the annals of time. Ancient cultures of the past consumed gold as an elixir, often prepared into a tincture through an alchemical process involving other elements. These cultures used gold in ceremony to access higher states of consciousness. Edgar Cayce, known as the "sleeping prophet" at the turn of the century preached using gold to enhance communication with God.

In the 1920s Colloidal Gold was listed in the US Pharmacopea for effectiveness in arthritis and asthma.

There is a commonality that exists between what ancient civilizations used gold for, what Edgar Cayce claimed what gold would do, and what the US Pharmacopea used to prescribe it for. Arthritis and asthma are manifestations of blockages within the body. Achieving higher states of consciousness and improving the ability for more effective prayer and meditations require the removal of etheric blockages. Gold removes blockages, both at the physical and etheric levels.

Colloidal Gold contains 99.997% pure gold and is completely non-toxic and effective at only 2ppm of gold.

Colloidal Gold

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