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SUPPLEMENT DIRECT is a solely owned independent company. SUPPLEMENT DIRECT is structured to focus on the development, production and marketing of consistently higher quality products. SUPPLEMENT DIRECT's products are designed to nutritionally support those who desire to improve performance, general fitness and well being in everyday life.

SUPPLEMENT DIRECT is a different kind of nutritional product company. At SUPPLEMENT DIRECT, we understand the needs of people wanting to improve their health and well being through the use of nutritional supplements.

Why Supplement Direct was started

Reason 1

I did not start SUPPLEMENT DIRECT to get rich. I saw a nich´┐Ż in the nutritional supplement market. I have been working in the nutritional product industry for over 8 years. I have been involved in every aspect of product development. I felt if someone could do it, I could. I was eager to get away from unqualified boneheads telling me how to make products. Their main concern is/was profits, whereas my main concern is effective products. In the nutritional supplements industry if you want to make effective products, the cost will be undoubtedly high. With extreme margins so common in the industry, to do both are almost impossible. I will not go into the complexities of it all, but I assure you your health and well being is the least of their concerns. I felt that if I could just pay the bills and get by, I would eventually be able to build an honest company that produced effective products and sold them for the absolutely lowest prices. If this works, then everybody wins; the customers get great products without spending your life savings every month, I can make a fair living, support my family, and have a little bit of fun.

Reason 2

If you look at the owners of most of the successful nutritional products companies, you will find some very unhealthy people. I could name them by name, but that would probably just piss them off and make life more difficult for me. Do you believe for one minute they practice what they preach? Take a look at the owners and think again! - they will sell you anything they can to put money in their pocket. Bottom Line - At SUPPLEMENT DIRECT, we practice what we preach! I can assure you I am in the gym at least 6 times a week and have been for the last 20 years. The other people who work at SUPPLEMENT DIRECT are committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle as well. No matter how busy life gets there is no substitute for good hard exercise.

Reason 3

We are afraid corporate giants are going to continue the present trend in the industry and you will gradually be paying even more for your nutritional supplements. We did not acquire SUPPLEMENT DIRECT from someone who is old and tired of running their own company so they decided to cash in and retire only to leave some corporate yahoo's that do not know the difference between protein and Prozac in charge. Or someone who has not lifted a weight other than their laptop and a few martini's, for that matter. Believe me, this is the trend in the health food industry. If you are not careful, you will see large companies try to muscle out small companies like SUPPLEMENT DIRECT. WHY? - Because we make them look bad. By selling the same, if not better quality products, they are exposed and look every bit like the crooks they really are. With the corporate mentality, I assure you, you will see prices rise and quality and efficiency decline. For this reason, they would like nothing better than to put small companies like SUPPLEMENT DIRECT out of business.

Reason 4

I like a good challenge. Starting SUPPLEMENT DIRECT and keeping it running is definitely a challenge. Not only do we scout every supplement we can find for the lowest prices, we continually give the customer the lowest in the country! But SUPPLEMENT DIRECT faces an uphill battle every day in trying to keep these costs low. As SUPPLEMENT DIRECT grows, so does our overhead. SUPPLEMENT DIRECT will do anything we can to keep our overhead low. SUPPLEMENT DIRECT does not go overboard on extravagant labels, elaborate advertising campaigns, paying people to endorse products, or spend money foolishly. We take pride in spending the least amount of money possible and still making the highest quality products. This way, we can pass the savings on to the customer.

Reason 5

We believe strongly in nutritional supplementation as a way of enhancing overall health, wellness and human performance. As well, we believe in prolonging life and preventing many disease states that effect millions of people each year. We feel if we can make nutritional supplements affordable, more people will be able to afford them allowing them every opportunity at optimal health and fitness. You can be sure that as long as you need nutritional supplements at the best prices in the country, you can count on SUPPLEMENT DIRECT to give you the lowest price guaranteed!


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